Self-Advocacy, Organization, and Study Skills

Meredith-Dunn School has even written a curriculum which we call S.O.S. (Self- Advocacy, Organization, and Study Skills). Each day, students are helped to understand their own learning, how to address their challenges, and how to use many tools and techniques at their disposal to address those challenges. Since all of our students will eventually leave Meredith-Dunn and continue their learning elsewhere, we feel it is critical that they understand how to advocate for themselves and their learning.

Wilson Reading System

Meredith-Dunn School uses The Wilson Reading System® for specialized instruction in reading and spelling. Wilson is an intensive program for students with word-level deficits who are not making sufficient progress through their current intervention or have been unable to learn with other teaching strategies and require multisensory language instruction.

As a structured literacy program based on phonological-coding research and Orton-Gillingham principles, Wilson directly teaches the structure of the English language. Through the program, students learn fluent decoding and encoding skills.

90% of Meredith-Dunn School teachers are certified Level 1 or above by the Wilson Academy.