Meredith-Dunn uses Reach Alert to provide Parent Notifications and Emergency Alerts for our school. If you have not already registered with Reach Alert, please take a minute to register for this service. With Reach Alert, we can immediately advise you of time sensitive information, classroom news, sports/club updates, etc. If it is snowing and classes are canceled, we will send an alert to your cell phone, home phone, or email within seconds. If there is an emergency at school (power outage, broken water line, or lock-down), we can communicate with you and keep you in the loop.

You decide how you want to receive our alerts:

  • cell phone text message
  • voice advisories
  • email

All you need to do is go to, click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT, and follow the prompts to register for the service.

When asked which network you wish to join, simply begin typing Meredith-Dunn, and click on our name when it appears in the drop-down list. For security purposes, the system will ask you for your registration/ID #, simply use the mascot of the school – eagle. If you have registered under Meredith-Dunn already, you do NOT need to repeat the registration!

The entire process should take about 60 seconds. If you request cell phone text messages, within seconds Reach Alert will send your phone a text message with a four-digit validation code. Reach Alert is making sure your text message will be successfully delivered. When you receive the four-digit number, simply enter this number on the registration screen and then click on the word VALIDATE. If you do not receive the validation text, please call customer support at the numbers listed below. If you request voice calls, your number is immediately self-validated.

We will use the system for timely, though not necessarily, emergency messages. We may remind you that tomorrow is picture day, conference day, or about a field trip. We may remind you of important meetings or other school activities. If we release students early, we can send a reminder to you.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school office at (502) 456-5819.