Development. Empowerment. Commitment.

The Meredith-Dunn School community embraces a child-centered philosophy that recognizes the learning potential of each of our students. We value each student as an individual with a unique pattern of strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. Our educational program is personalized in both content and approach to support students’ growth in becoming competent learners and resilient individuals.

We welcome opportunities to work collaboratively with families and other professionals in providing a vibrant educational community, rich in opportunity and respect. Our structured and nurturing environment is designed to promote academic integrity and personal confidence that will carry students through life as productive and successful citizens.
Commitment to our mission is reflected through our values. The Meredith-Dunn School community values:

  • Development of the whole child supporting academic, social, and emotional growth
  • Personalization of instruction
  • Empowerment of students in learning how to learn, how to problem solve, and how to think critically
  • Collaborative partnering with families and other professionals where the expertise of all stakeholders is respected
  • A culture which holds the dignity of each individual in highest regard

Students are grouped by grade level and are grouped according to instructional level, chronological age, and social maturity. Within our schedule, there is flexibility to address individual strengths and weaknesses and to optimize individual creativity. Ongoing assessment of student progress is continuous. When a student is determined ready to exit our program, administration and staff work closely with parents in locating appropriate placement. It is important for parents and students to set realistic goals when entering our school program. The average enrollment period varies with the needs of each student.

The primary focus of our curriculum is the development of language arts and mathematics skills. Our comprehensive curriculum includes:

  1. Language Arts – reading, phonics, grammar, spelling, handwriting, thinking skills, verbal and written communication skills
  2. Mathematics
  3. Social Studies
  4. Science and Health
  5. P.E./neuromotor development
  6. The Arts – Art/fine motor development and Music/rhythmic movement
  7. Organization and Study skills
  8. Self-advocacy skills and social skills
  9. Computer skills

We understand that a child who has specific learning issues may become easily frustrated in a regular classroom setting. Your child may have exhibited some behavioral difficulties due to his or her learning challenges. For this reason, all children upon entering our school program will be in a transition period. If after a normal adjustment period in our positive and nurturing learning environment, as well as, after applying specific behavioral interventions, your child continues to struggle with unresolved behavior problems, he or she will be asked to make other school arrangements. Our school program is designed to work with students who have true academic learning difficulties. We are unable to address behavior and emotional conditions that impede learning within our school population and curriculum design.

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